Transesophageal Overdrive Pacing: A Simple and Versatile Tool

  • Antonis S Manolis Evagelismos General Hospital, Athens
  • Ioannis Dragazis Evagelismos hospital, Athens
  • Ioannis Kapelakis Evagelismos hospital, Athens
  • Prokopis Papadimitriou Evagelismos Hospital, Athens
  • Nikolaos Sakellaris Evagelismos hospital, Athens
Keywords: atrial flutter, overdive pacing, esophageal pacing


In the present case, a patient with atrial flutter failed drug conversion with use of intravenous amiodarone and before resorting to electrical cardioversion, transesophageal atrial overdrive pacing was proposed and performed as a bedside procedure with successful conversion of atrial flutter into sinus rhythm

Author Biography

Antonis S Manolis, Evagelismos General Hospital, Athens
Specialty: Cardiology
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