Adverse Cardiovascular Effects and Drug Interactions with Herbs

  • Ioannis A Chaveles Evagelismos Hospital, Athens, Greece
  • Nikolaos Sakellaris Evagelismos Hospital, Athens, Greece
  • Ioannis Pyrros Evagelismos Hospital, Athens, Greece
Keywords: Herbs, Herbal Products, Vitamins, Potential Interactions, Cardiovascular diseases, Adverse Effects


The herbs are plants or products of plants and despite their widespread promotion, their purity, efficacy and safety are often unknown. The healthcare professionals may be asked to give advice on the use of these products, in conjunction with other medications .Thus, they can potentially interact with the cardiovascular drugs with subsequent dramatic effects on the coagulation pathways and the platelets adhesion. The administration of the herbs in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases should be done sparingly, with caution and with thorough knowledge of their possible interactions with the already prescribed drugs.