Physiotherapy in a Burn Patient Admitted in Intensive Care Unit


  • Irini Patsaki Evangelismos General Hospital
  • Antonios Kyriakopoulos Consultant Plastic Surgeon MD Plastic Surgery Department General Hospital of Athens Evaggelismos
  • Martha Katartzi PT, General Hospital of Athens "Evaggelismos"
  • Vasiliki Markaki Intensivist, First Critical care department medical school NKUA, Evaggelismos Hospital
  • Emmanouel Papadopoulos MSc, PhD. Head of Physiotherapy Department. Physiotherapist General Hospital of Athens “Evaggelismos”



Early physiotherapy in critical ill patients is a key component to their functional recovery. Burn patients are presented with severe complications that lead to reduced functional ability.
The aim of this paper is to present the case of a 22 year old male patient with a 45% burn of total body surface area, who was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit.
Early physiotherapy commenced from the early stages of acute illness and involved respiratory and musculoskeletal interventions in order to prevent and address complications from prolonged immobilization and mechanical ventilation.
Patient through his stay in the ICU presented significant clinical improvements. He was successfully liberated from mechanical ventilation and decannulated from tracheostomy tube. Improvements in muscle strength and functional ability was noted once discharged from the ICU to a High Dependence Unit.
In the current case study physiotherapy was a vital and effective component of the therapeutic plan of severe burn patient being admitted in a acute care facility and positioning of the upper and lower limbs is of huge importance, in order to minimize and avoid contractures.